Planks for Abs & Much More

Here is a quick video for a quick and intense core workout, all in a low plank!

Why do I love planks?

1. Planks work on the transverse abdominals- the internal abdominal muscles

2. A strong core means a stronger balance and body control, hence better body composition

3. They work like an isometric exercise, due to it building isometric strength

4. They sculpt your waistline

5. They help improving posture

6. They help avoiding back injuries

7. On most planks you will also work arms and can engage the lower body, ergo your whole body is engaged!

Try doing each exercise for 30 seconds – aim for at least 4 sets total!

Keep an eye for your balance, specially during Commando planks, make sure your lower body isn’t moving.

Outfit: Victoria Secret

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